Google For Jobs: Explaining in under two minutes - Video Included

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Explaining Google For Jobs In Under 2 Minutes

Google has now introduced a new tool to help job seekers find the exact type of jobs they are looking for in a simple and intuitive way.

So, first things first, what separates Google for Jobs from other popular job search platforms. Well the short answer is that it actually uses a lot of those very platforms to present you with accurate job information.

Google uses its AI learning in some pretty unique ways, so let’s show you how to use this system.

It all starts, as it always does with Google, with a Search

So, we type in something simple, like, “Jobs in Miami”

Now in the results page, we will see this clean looking blue box with some jobs that match your search criteria. If you don’t like the jobs that presented to you at first, just click “more jobs, the blue banner, or, any of the filters on top of the job results.


Now this is the part that makes Google for Jobs really stand out in my opinion. You can click on a job and actually choose on what site you want to apply through. If you prefer one site of the other you now have the option to choose. In some cases, you can even apply directly on the company’s website rather than a job board/aggregator.



Google For Jobs allows you to filter your job search in many ways, so play around with it to get the exact results you are looking for.


Another great feature presented to job seekers using Google For Jobs is the typical pay feature as well as the reviews for the company itself.  Google will show




Lastly, Google For Jobs gives jobs seekers is just pure information. By using its own search algorithms already in place in addition to strategic partnerships with other job boards, they can give you reviews on the company that posted the job. So, if you see a great job, however, reviews on the company are bit underwhelming, you can choose to skip over and apply on the next job.


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