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As technology grows it is important to know how to use the tools available to you to find that perfect job.


Today we are quickly looking at Job Search Engines, Job Boards, Classifieds, Niche Job Sites, Job Alerts, (We may be missing something so leave a comment below if we do)


Quick difference on the largest of the two types: Job Search Engines & Job Boards

Job Search Engines pull together content from multiple sources. This can include other job boards, applicant tracking systems, company websites, and more. Examples of job search engines include,, & Google for jobs.

Job Boards are job sites that contain content supplied direct from the employers themselves.


One important thing to note is that the largest job boards, &, do not allow employers to post jobs for free. This has pros & cons depending on your point of view.

There are also niche job sites to pay attention to as well that focus on your specific area of expertise. For example, if you are in the technology field, you could use There are even niche sites that focus more on your overall dreams rather than a specific area of expertise. Look at for example, this is a site that focuses on helping you find a job in an amazing location in the world.


Classified sites like connect buyers and sellers, or this case, employers to candidates. These sites are much cheaper than others on this list.


Lastly, while not a job site, it is a great tool that many of the larger job site use to help bring jobs directly to you. These are job alerts, these systems will send you alerts via email, or text, when a job matches your specifications. This is a great tool since most candidates can’t be searching 24 hours a day. Well Jobs Alerts can!


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