Housekeeper Hotel with Nagle Warren Mansion B&B

Cheyenne, WY
3 months ago
Nagle Warren Mansion B&B


The position listed below is not with Rapid Interviews but with Nagle Warren Mansion B&B

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Job Description

Do you enjoy it when your environment is clean and orderly?

Do you enjoy cleaning?

Do you always have to be working?

Do you enjoy making other people happy?

Do you build positive relationships with your coworkers and guests?


Join a team that cares about its guests and associates. The Nagle Warren Mansion B&B is 4 Diamond property that provides our guest with excellent lodging, food, beverage, and personalized service. No experience is necessary just the ability to make each guest comfortable.

The housekeepers are the most important people at the Nagle Warren Mansion. Keeping the mansion clean and orderly is necessary for your guests to enjoy their stay. Your professional approach, appearance, and interactions will allow you to make the mansion an excellent experience. You will be able to take a great deal of pride in knowing that you are making everything right and providing for your guests.

The housekeepers generally start at 9 AM weekdays, Saturday & Sunday 10 AM, and leave at 4:00 pm with a 1/2 hour mandatory lunch break, 5 days or 32-40 hours. Housekeeping cares for our guests 7 days a week, which 5 days a housekeeper works depends on the amount of work that we have for each day. Generally, you can count on working most weekends and holidays.

Housekeepers take care of the public areas of the mansion, 12 rooms, and the laundry. Most days each housekeeper is assigned 6 rooms. Finishing all of the work each day and preparing for tomorrow will make your work go smoothly. Housekeepers will also be asked to assist with many other duties.

You may request an Employee Information Packet by picking it up, email or by mail. Please visit our web site to learn more about us.

Company Description

Do you take pride in your work?
Do you have a positive attitude?
Do you always have to be working?
Do you build positive relationships with your guests and associates?